My name is Helene, I´m 19 years old, and I come from a small city in Germany, close to Dortmund. I live with my parents and I have three siblings. When I was four years old I learned to swim and I got a swimming badge. After that I was in a swimming team which took part in competitions. The competition consisted of different disciplines where I took the diving discipline. Two of my siblings are advanced open water divers and they took me to a taster session diver course. I enjoyed it a lot. Now I want to become more familiar with diving equipment and get more diving skills. In 2016 I finished college with a university entrance qualification. After that I worked for a while and decided to travel around. My plans as of February are to assist Simona and Kay-Uwe with their diving school and to get new work experience. I look forward to meeting you in Fuerteventura and discovering the underwater world.