our dive sites

What´s the beauty about our diving school? That´s easy, our boats are lying directly at the beach, you enter comfortable and drive approximately between 1 to 15 minutes to our diving points. On almost every diving point we have buoys - one needs only to fix the boat and saves to anchor every time. Only our guests are diving at our diving points, thats why we only go diving by boat at the Costa Calma. The buoys are also a very useful help when you start diving, or as savety stop when you surface.

Poseidon´s Garden (1)

Depth: 6 Meter / 19 ft.
Boat trip: ca. one minute
Description: This diving site was the very first we discovered, in August 2000. About a year later, we sank the wooden boat “Fatima”, which helps protecting not only small creatures, but, after a few weeks, also the first grouper. Our underwater constructions keep expanding and the diversity of fishes increases day by day

Boat Tower (2)

Depth: 24 Meter/  78,8 ft.
Boat trip: ca. two minutes
Description: This is everyone’s favorite diving site – and we’re not exaggerating! 24 wooden boats are lying on the sandy ground of the ocean, providing protection for many sea dwellers. Depending on the time of year, you can find huge swarms of sardines, which attract mackerels and bonitos . Other than that, angel sharks and thousands of barracudas make their way through the Boat Tower.  During “Ray-time”, we can observe all different kinds of rays – stingrays, eagle rays and electric rays - the latter are often so well disguised that you can hardly see them. But even if none of the above should be around, it is still an exciting diving site, which is why Kay-Uwe calls it the “Mistery Place” and having a sea horse as a constant resident makes us very proud!

Peter´s Stone Henge (3)

Depth: 10 Meter/ 32.8 ft
Boat trip: ca. one minute
Description: Diving east from Poseidon’s Garden, you’ll pass rock formations and meadows of seaweed. Angel sharks like to hide here in a small hollow, but don’t worry; they are harmless as long as you don’t sit on them.  The angel shark is a mix between a shark and a ray: they bury themselves in the sand, just like rays do, but they don’t have a sting. As sharks, they don’t necessarily have to be moving all the time.
Right now, we don’t have buoy lines, but you can comfortably dive from Poseidon’s Garden to Peter’s stone henge.

Wheels Point (4)

Depth: 22 Meter / 72 ft.
Boat trip: ca. two minutes
Description: In 2001, we were trying to make the dive sites more attractive and we started to build a dive site on our own: we sank truck tires, tried to plant an artificial kelp forest and built a house. We found a family of octopuses after only one day and the first triggerfish claimed his district. This alone was worth the hard work; it’s pretty surprising how fast the conservation of the fauna gets around under water!

Fishermen´s Friend (5)

Depth: 4 Meter/ 13 ft.
Boat trip: ca. four minutes
Description:  A fish breeding farm, financed by the European Union, was constructed many years ago in Matas Blancas. In order to preserve fresh salt water, an 80 cm wide and 80 m long pipe out of concrete was put at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. We put our buoy right there, where ornate wrasses, chromis, cardinal fishes, sea basses and painted combers live. Soles like to find protection under the concrete pipe, too.

Sir Henry´s Point (6)

Depth: 11 Meter / 36 ft.
Boat trip: ca. four minutes
Descirption: Kay-Uwe and Henry discovered this site. They were actually looking for another dive site and dove south from FF (5).  After about 100 meters, the sand and meadows of sea grass turned into a field of rocks, under which all kinds of morays are hiding. Unfortunately, there is only a beam left from the wooden boat we once sank there. The dive site is insignificant, but has little surprises hidden here and there, i.e. we saw a Zeus Faber and a seahorse the other day.

1002 eyes (7)

Depth: 10 Meter /  32.8 ft
Boat trip: ca. six minutes
Description:  See „1001 Auge“ to learn more about the history. Lots of rocks, stones and yellow sponges, but also a lot of morays and octopuses. To the east nothing but sand, to the south “1001 Auge” and “1000 Augen”.

1001 Auge (8)

Depth: 13 Meter / 42.6 ft.
Boat trip: ca. six minutes
Description: It was just a coincidence that we found this dive site: because of the strong current, we drifted from “Schneewittchen und die sieben Zwerge” (10). After about 20 minutes of nothing but sand, we saw huge rocks and boulders.  You’ll find hundreds of barracudas, chromises, greater amberjacks, morays, three groupers, octopuses, etc. etc.

1000 eyes (9)

Depth: 15 Meter / 49 ft.
Boat trip: ca. six minutes
Description: Since the area around “1001 eyes” is so big, we only put a buoy here as an extension.

Schneewittchen und die sieben Zwerge (10)

Depth: 11 Meter / 36 ft.
Boat trip: seven minutes
Description: This area conceals many contorted ravines; the rocks are overgrown with all kinds of sponges and a lot of other underwater plants.  The colonies of ornate wrasses are very distinctive and there are a number of hide-outs for octopuses.

Snowwhite and the seven dwarfs (11)

Depth: 14 Meter / 45.9 ft.
Boat trip: seven minutes
Description:  Going south, this is the end of the dive area. It’s been the home of a fang tooth moray, which you can occasionally find snuggled up to a geometric moray. A lot of ghost crabs find shelter here as well.

Dragon Reef (12)

Depth: 15 Meter / 49 ft.
Boat trip: ca. eight minutes
Description: A long plateau lies from east to west; it’s about 2000 cm long, 100 cm wide and 40 cm high. A second, smaller plateau extends into the west. Sand is all around, ideal for angel sharks. During some months, for example in November, you have to pay attention because the sharks are so well disguised that you can hardly see them. There’s a lot going on in the reefs! A conger eel has been living there since 2008, the spider crabs that used to be there are almost all gone, maybe they are his favorite meal…  other than that you can find two big anemones, fang tooth morays, hermit crabs, four groupers, cleaner shrimps, lumpfishes and so on and so forth. I can only recommend borrowing an underwater lamp.

Golden sponge point (13)

Depth: 9 Meter / 29.5 ft.
Boat trip: ca. nine minutes
Description:  The name says it all. The golden sponges are perfect hide-outs for a lot of small animals like nudibranchs, crabs, small shrimps, we even saw a seahorse once. Detached rocks in the north, sand and sea grass meadows in the west and bizarre rock formation distinguish this dive site.

Tritonsberg (14)

Depth: 9 Meter / 29.5 ft.
Boat trip: ca. ten minutes
Description:  We fasten the buoy 20 m off the coast. The headland reaches into the sea, you can follow this reef and a lot of animals hide in the gorges and canyons.  It is the preferred territory of rays, angel sharks, barracudas and chromis. The dive site is named after the big triton’s trumpet, with a diameter of 6.5 m!

Chupadero (15)

Depth: 7 meter / 22.9 ft
Boat trip: ca. 13 minutes
Description: You can dive here off the shore.

Chupadero (16)

Depth: 6 meter / 19.6 ft.
Boat trip: ca. 13 minutes
Description: You can dive here off the shore.

Rübezahl (17)

Depth: 6 meter / 19.6 ft.
Boat trip: ca. 14 minutes
Description:  This is almost fairytale-like: Big cliffs, beautiful landscape, long dive, as it’s not very deep. At four meters, you can look into a tunnel where glass eyed fishes like to hide and an angel shark lives there too! Canyons stretch out into depths of 16 m. There’s still a lot discover here!

La Lajita Express (18)

Depth:  12 meter / 39.3 ft.
Boat trip:  ca. 16 minutes
Description: We go here very rarely. The first time we were here and found this dive site, we already knew that this wouldn’t be the best site, because there’s almost always a current.

Tio Tom (19)

Depth: 11 meter / 36ft.
Boat trip: ca. 8 minutes
Description:  This dive site is between Dragon Reef (12) and „Schneewittchen“ (10). Ornate wrasses and Mediterranean wrasses populate the small reefs.

Stone Garden (20)

Depth: 9 Meter / 29.5 ft.
Boat trip: ca. nine minutes
Description: Flat rock formations are overgrown with sponges and underwater plants. Octopuses, lumpfishes and gold-mark snake eels live here, as well as a big purple anemone, which is getting bigger and bigger each day. Perfect dive site for photographers!

El huequtio (21)

Depth: 5 Meter / 16.4 ft.
Boat trip: ca. twelve minutes
Description: We are only a few feet away from the monolith-like rocks. Great site for snorkeling.

Der Zwerg (22)

Depth: 5 Meter /  16.4
Boat trip: ca. eight minutes
Description:  We were looking for a dive site for our beginners (VDTL Holiday courses, PADI Discover Scuba Diver or Scuba Diver) and found it north of Schneewittchen und die 7 Zwerge. Long drawn-out slabs shelter morays, chromises and neon damselfishes. Octopuses like living here as well.

Grisu (23)

Depth: 9 Meter /  29.5 ft.
Boat trip: 9 minutes
Description: We’ve reached the shallowest point of the Dragon Reef. Perfect for beginners. Lots of nudibranchs and hermit crabs; a grouper and a moray live in a small rock cornice a few feet away from the buoy.