Scuba Diving with Fuerte Divers

Scuba Diving with Fuerte Divers
Scuba Diving with Fuerte Divers

We offer both scuba diving courses and dives for certified scuba divers. All scuba divers need to present a valid health certificate, a diving insurance witch takes the cost of the decompression chamber and any existing scuba diving licences (certified divers). Please remember that any health certificate may not be older than 2 years up to an age of 40 years and not older than 1 year above 40 years of age. Alternatively you can also have a  medical check directly here at Costa Calma with “our” medical doctors Karola Simonis and Norbert Kuner specialized also in scuba diving requirements.

All transfers to our dive sites are done by boat directly from Costa Calma Beach Hotel at least twice a day. Travel times range from 1 to 15 minutes.

We offer dive equipment for hire and sale.

Here the list of all authorized Dive Centres on Canary Island. On Fuerteventura we are 12!

Prices of dives

  • Scuba dive with own equipment - 39,00 €
  • Scuba dive with rented equipment (mask, snorkel, fins, jacket, regulator, suit) - 53,00 €/ the first dive 59,00 €
  • surcharge for night dive - 7,50 €
  • surcharge torch - 7,50 €

prices include boattrip, service, marine fee and pressure chamber readiness fee, 10 l tank!


Fuerte Divers (Bombard C5, 50 PS)


Simkay Quattro (Vailant DR 750, 225 PS)

SK 4