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Hotel Costa Calma Beach
Sunrise Costa Calma Beach Resort

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Scuba diving is one of the most thrilling, most stunning, most beautiful experiences which you can try out in your leisure time. It is not a competitive sports, there are no winners and losers. The only pre-requisite for you is a healthy physical condition and good general fitness. Also it would be advantageous if you would be a reasonably proficient swimmer. Diving opens the door to an incredibly coulourful and diversified underwater paradise – hard to believe that it was not created especially for our pleasure.

Our dive base Fuerte Divers was opened in July 2000 in the basement of Costa Calma Beach Resort, a 4-star hotel of the Sunrise Beach Group. As such it is located directly on a naturally protected private bay. There we load our dive boats and set  out for our various dive trips.

Transportation of our equipment on the really short way from our dive base to the beach is done on robust trolleys to avoid all carrying and to provide maximum comfort for our divers. Total duration of a single dive trip takes between one and two hours depending on the dive site we choose. This leaves plenty of vacation time to spend with your family and friends around your diving experience.

You will find only the most modern equipment in our dive base. Of course you can keep all private gear in storage boxes at our dive base for the duration of your stay. For rinsing your equipment after each dive we provide a freshwater basin, and of course there are hot showers and toilettes available.

At our front desk which also functions as a small bar we offer hot and cold drinks to avoid dehydration. At the same time it is a well-accepted meeting point for our divers to discuss and share the commonly experienced adventures.

Opening hours

Daily 10.00h-12.30h and 15.00h-17.00h.
Should no divers be registered on any given day the dive base will remain closed. In that case you can nevertheless reach us via telephone as published at our notice board.

Try and feel the experience of breathing underwater

On request we offer a trial dive session at the hotel pool facilities for 15,00 €. Every person above the age of 12 years is cordially invited to join. Please sign up minimum one day in advance in the centre or by phone/ whatsApp/ imessage/ Threema/ SMS +34 628 017717

Test diving in the pool
pool at Costa Calma Beach