medical first aid training

Emergency First Response

Accidents and injuries can happen every day. Some of the persons concerned may need only little help, while others may suffer from serious damages and injuries if they are not being taken care of and medically treated immediately by a competent first-aider. In such cases of emergency you can even save a person’s life if you are familiar with the really simple but efficient primary and secondary life-saving measures.

Besides the fact that it is always convenient even in everyday life to be familiar with those first aid measures by attending a training course, you will also need this training for the advanced level of PADI Rescue diver.

Duration of this training course: approximately 8 hours
Cost: 99.00€

Underwater Digital Photography – Kay’s favourate

It is the goal of this training course to provide basic knowledge to those interested in underwater photography and to guarantee successful pictures right from the start. Also, you will learn everything about choosing the right equipment for the right purpose and you will receive numerous tips to optimize your photos.

Cost: 299,00 €, including 3 dive (own equipment) and subsequent PC-analysis of your underwater shots with discussion of opportunities for father improvements

simona with uw-camera
Simona at Boat Tower

Neutral buoyancy training - Simona’s favourate

Imagine to experience the thrill of hovering in perfectly neutral buoyancy through the endlessly blue space of the Atlantic ocean…

You will learn how to significantly reduce your weight, how to avoid stirring up sediments and sand from the ground, how to improve your breathing technique and thereby reducing your air consumption, how to save your energy by diving in a streamlined way, and – if your are an underwater photographer – you will feel the beneficial impacts of these skills for the quality of your photographs.

Cost: 299.00€, including theoretical introduction and 3 dives (own equipment)

VDTL/ Cedip Special training courses

We offer the complete range of the German Federation of Diving Instructors’ (VDTL) education system (please contact us for further inquiries regarding this structure), be it VDTL 1-day-course, holiday diving license or even VDTL-Diving Instructor (1-star). This applies also to all VDTL special training courses such as:

  • Orientation Diver
  • Rescue Diver
  • Leading groups of divers
  • Night Diver
  • Drift Diver
  • Wreck Diver
  • Deep Diver
  • Underwater Photographer

Cost: 299.00€ incl. theoretical lessons, 3 dives, test and special diving certificate

For the following special training courses we cannot offer the dives here at Fuerteventura, but you can obtain the theoretical lessons including test and certification:

  • Diving in high altitudes, Cost: 99.00€
  • Ice Diver, Cost: 99.00€
  • Cavern Diver, Cost: 99.00€
  • Nitrox Diver, Cost: 99.00€