Costa Calma – Surroundings and Hotels

Palmgarden at Costa Calma
Palmgarden at Costa Calma

“Welcome to a real oasis in the middle of a desert!” This could be your first thought when arriving by bus at Costa Calma. You will find man-made parks  stretching on both sides along the main road from Puerto del Rosario to Jandia. The species you can find in these small woods include palm trees, Canary island conifers, Aloe vera and a multitude of cacti which form a beautiful contrast to the barren brown-yellow colors of the surrounding scenery.

You will find sun, golden beach and the Atlantic ocean directly in front of the Sunrise Costa Calma Beach Resort, only a stone’s throw away from your hotel room.  You simply cannot escape the stunning view of the sea in its complete palette of colors ranging from turquoise green to dark blue, which can be enjoyed from the poolside, cosy snack bars and from most hotel rooms.

Hotels nearby include:

  • Sunrise Costa Calma Beach Resort (home of our dive base)
  • RIU Fuerteventura Playa
  • Barlovento
  • Taro Beach
  • Crystal Beach
  • Rio Calma

Our dive base Fuerte Divers is situated directly on the beach in the newly refurbished Sunrise Costa Calma Beach Resort, on the East coast of the Island in the township called Costa Calma, some 80km south of Fuerteventura’s capital city of Puerto del Rosario.

What’s up here and what would we like to recommend to you?

Costa Calma is a historically grown small town directly located on the shore of the Atlantic ocean. A walk from one side of town to the other might take you some 30 min. You can either take a stroll through the park along the main road or directly on the beach. If you take the first route you will pass hotels, holiday apartments, Cafes, Bars, Restaurants, Boutiques, Photo- and Souvenir shops, a Pharmacy, the local police station, the city hall, some small shopping malls, a taxi rank, various bus stops (we do have our own special Costa Calma bus route). On the beach you will find 2 beach bars to provide you with some snacks and drinks, a surf school and for a rest there are also umbrellas and deckchairs for hire. Of course you will get these for free on our private beach of the Costa Calma Beach Resort.

Every Wednesday and Sunday there is an African Market in town, which is always good for a nice change and good bargains (you need to negotiate…Zwinkernd!)

Of course there are Cars, Quads, Trikes and bicycles for hire, you can go shopping, go for a walk across the island until you reach the west coast . You can take a sunbath, read or just relax on the beach. If you are more into water sports you can go surfing, jet skiing – or scuba diving, that’s for sure!

In the evening we can recommend restaurant El Camino, El Divino, where you can either enjoy a cool beer in a relaxed and quiet atmosphere or have a selection of tasty food on a terrace with seaside view. Just have a look or try it once if you feel like it.