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scuba diving boots
scuba diving boots in Giniginamar

On top of our regular dive trips we also offer a multitude of additional fun, action and adventure: full-day dive excursions to our sister island of Lanzarote or to the nearby village named Giniginamar – during this tour we will taste the delicious original  Canary island tapas prepared by Pepito. Or we can take you for a beautiful snorkeling tour along the East coast of Fuerteventura aboard our Valiant DR 750, to many other interesting locations and and and…we are truly open for any exciting suggestions that you may have.

Canyons and Harbour fortification wall Jandia

This is a new tour which we offer only since April 2009. To get there we pass beyond the well-known Moray eel reef of Jandia and Morro Jable harbour. After some further 5 min. by boat we stop and secure the boat at a buoy that was installed by us. The dive site lies some 1500m off-shore, depth range is between 10 and 20m. The rocky bottom is glistening in a red tone and divided by a multitude of canyons. Some people even suggested that the scenery would look just like the Grand Canyon – on a smaller scale of course… During surface time we relocate our boat to the harbour fortification wall where we have a little snack and soft drinks. On the outer side of the wall we prepare for the second dive. Between the natural rocks and artificial, symmetrical concrete protection elements we find a multitude of shelters for various species like Octopus, Sepia, huge Stingrays, Moray eels, Turtles and an abundance of schools of fish. This dive is also ideal for our youngest divers due to the limited depth of 10-12m.

Cost: 111,00 € with own equipment a a little snack


Daytrip to our sister island of Lanzarote featuring:

  • Departure from Costa Calma to Corralejo around 6.30h
  • Delicious breakfast close to the harbour
  • Speeboat to Lanzarote leaves around 9.00h to arrive ca. 20 min. later
  • Arrival at Puerto del Carmen around 10.00h
  • First wreck dive aboard a charter boat around 10.30h
  • Surface time/break
  • Second dive entering from the beachside around 12.30h
  • Lunch on request, not included in package price
  • Return to Fuerte aboard regular ferry around 16.00h
  • Arrive back at Costa Calma approximately 2 hours later

Price on request, including:

transfer by car, breakfast, transfer to/from Lanzarote, boat hire at Lanzarote, 2 guided dives with own equipment (add 28,00 € for hired equipment).

Price will be reduced if we decide not to do a boat dive but 2 beautiful dives from the beachside instead.

La Lajita

This day trip includes 2 dives plus dinner (Tapas, variety of fish)

This day trip is an ideal fit for scuba divers, snorkelers, or people who just want to go on a beautiful and relaxing boat trip. And La Lajita is a welcoming, picturesque small fishing village south of Gran Tarajal.


  • Scuba divers: 111,00 € with own equipment + dinner (we split the total bill from the tavern between all participants)
  • Snorkelers: 49.00€ (incl. mask, snorkel, fins, wetsuit) + dinner (see above)
  • Boat passengers: 29.00€ + dinner (see above)