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On this page, we'll inform you about events and news from Fuerte Divers. At the bottom of the page, you'll find the „under water news”. We hope that you're able to find all important information, if not just send us an email to info(at)
We cleaned up our website a bit and uploaded new pictures and videos. I deleted the old stuff because who cares about the past.

... what a year!!!

This article is written today, on 08.07.2020! It has hit us here on the island of Fuerteventura quite hard. From 15.03.2020 a 47-day curfew was imposed, then gradually some loosening came and since 26.06. everything is more or less normal here again. There are still restrictions, as there probably are the same than in your country. One thing is for sure though, that the distance of 1,5m should be kept, we have to wear a mouth protection in closed rooms and we always have to wash our hands with soap. Mostly there are disinfectant dispensers at entrances to disinfect hands.

To the diving center: Please come to the diving center with mouth protection. I will leave a PDF-file in this article, there you will find some information, the new regulations, but also your registration form. You have the possibility to fill it out on your PC and send it to me by email, or you print it out and fill it out and bring it with you if you have decided to go diving, snorkeling, try diving, diving course, etc.

To the dives: The boats should not be over 75% occupied. This works quite well with us, on the one hand we usually only dive a small group and on the other hand we have 2 boats. If there is only one family in the boat, there is no mouth protection obligation on the boat, even if the distance of 1,5m between the divers is guaranteed. Otherwise we all have to put on a mouth protection/ could ask, if mask with snorkel is possible instead, would fit!

Under water: yay!! There everything is as usual. Nobody can talk us into it! I'm looking forward to you and to all the beautiful dives we can finally do together again! I am so excited about the dive sites, especially Boattower and Wheelspoint, but also all the other beautiful places.

With all these measures, there were of course less fishermen around...if you understand what I mean...

As soon as our hotel, the Costa Cama Beach, is reopened, we are ready to go! The first hotel of our SBH-Group that opens on 18.07. is the Monica Beach. I wish that ours will be the next one. 

Here is something new: Since June 2020 there is a new diving regulation. Yes, there are many pages, but among other things there are new diving regulations. This will certainly be interesting for some of you. I have translated the procedure for you. Nevertheless, assume that it is always safer to have a diving fitness examination issued by a doctor. The form is here.  If this applies to you, please fill it out and bring it with you!

Holiday in Costa Calma

Diving insurance: Link to an application form for the required diving insurance. This link as well as more information can also be found in the 'diving insurance' tab in the water area.
Internet in the dive center: We offer Wi-Fi in our dive center in case you have to send an email or check your inbox. Check out our video to see what our dive center looks like.
Family: For families who have booked their holidays here for the very first time, we offer a children's dive certificate, the VDTL-Pirate diving certificate from the age of 8. After three completed hours in our pool, the children receive a bronze certificate, followed by silver and gold certificates. 
Link: Here is an aerial view of the hotels and beaches. Amongst others, you can also see the Costa Calma Sunrise Beach Resort.

Diving Courses

We would also like to congratulate our newest divers. Congratulations! You guys were great! Keep on diving and don't be shy to educated and train yourselves. We're looking forward to seeing you again! Simona and Kay-Uwe. 

spring 2018

Boat Tower

Water temperatures of 20 degrees Celsius at all depths!

As always, time is running out, soon it will be Christmas again. One notices this also under water. The inhabitants are getting older, bigger, fatter and more trusting. In August/ September many mullet kings hatched again. They found the best shelter at the Boat Tower and at Wheels Point. Here, the nets we wrapped around the pipes, were perfect. Meanwhile they reach a size of 3 to 4 cm. In November was angel shark time. Up to 20 female splendid specimens waited for stately males. I think one or the other has found his luck. So I am very excited about the young angel sharks. You can find some nice videos and photos at Instagram (Fuerte Divers).