On this page, we'll inform you about events and news from Fuerte Divers. At the bottom of the page, you'll find the „under water news”. We hope that you're able to find all important information, if not just send us an email to info(at)Fuertedivers.com.
We cleaned up our website a bit and uploaded new pictures and videos. I deleted the old stuff because who cares about the past.
You probably already noticed, we'll be back at the Boot! We'll be part of a larger stand with our colleagues from other dive centers in Fuerteventura. Hupo will be the boss at our booth, the best one there is! Maybe Sandra will visit us as well and we will meet Florian (he would like to be part of our team as an instructor), and Helene . We will use the month of February to train Helene according to the VDTL guidelines to become Silver/Master diver. Afterwards, she will start her internship abroad. We are excited and are looking forward to the divers from around the world! 
As you know, we are very proud of our artificial reefs. We want to thank our donors, who have supported us with help and/ or monetary donations, once again. Thank you!!

We have two dive cache!


About the Cache: Please only complete this cache with the appropriate experience, qualifications and equipment. The coordinates indicated below point to a buoy from which the dive beings. Once you’re under water, please follow the taut ropes for about 50 meters west until you reach small cubes. Here, you’ll search for a hint (ABCD…), which is attached to the cube at a depth of 24 meters and marked with the letters GC. In order to find the final, you’ll have to solve the following problem once you’re out of the water:

 28*  ( C+F ) . ( E-J ) ( B-K ) ( K-I )     14*  ( D-C ) . ( D-L ) ( G-B ) ( H ) 


1001 eyes

Water temperatures of 20 degrees Celsius at all depths!
In the summer of 2016, we created a new reef at Wheels Point. The first progress is already noticeable. The wrapped net is already overgrown, the first couples have started breeding, a colony of painted combers has settled down, young octopods are looking for a safe spot in the pipes, rays, angel sharks, and big amber mackerels pass by - there's always something exciting and new to discover.
Kay-Uwe and I will continue to expand this area! And we'd like to involve you! Maybe you even have an idea of how and where to continue!
The swarm of bastard grunts at 1001 Eyes has become larger. In poor visibility, you'd think you're diving towards a riff. But once you approach, it starts to move! Michael and I also discovered a slipper lobster (Scyllaridae), which is very rare here on the east coast. 
In December, we had some angel sharks here at the Tritonmountain, surprisingly often for this area.