spring 2018

name FD9
Zodiaac HD5

On this page, we'll inform you about events and news from Fuerte Divers. At the bottom of the page, you'll find the „under water news”. We hope that you're able to find all important information, if not just send us an email to info(at)Fuertedivers.com.
We cleaned up our website a bit and uploaded new pictures and videos. I deleted the old stuff because who cares about the past.
We sold our big, beautiful, orange, and sleek 7.5m long boat and now have a smaller, more agile, but still fancy zodiac. Zodiac Mil Pro HD5 with 60 HP outboard to be exact. The name is super simple: FD9.
A new geocache has been live for a few days now! The Third! As some of you may know, we already have two at our dive sites: Number 1, Poseidon's Garden, can be reached while snorkeling or free diving. Of course it's a lot easier with the Divers Day, the Holiday Course or the Discover Scuba Diver. For the second site, "The Ring of Poseidon", you should at least have the Advanced OWD certificate and for the third, "Pyramid at Wheelspoint", the OWD or Bronze diving license is enough. 
As you know, we are very proud of our artificial reefs. We want to thank our donors, who have supported us with help and/ or monetary donations, once again. Thank you!!

We will be on holiday from 08.12. to 18.12.2018

Holiday in Costa Calma

Diving insurance: Link to an application form for the required diving insurance. This link as well as more information can also be found in the 'diving insurance' tab in the water area.
Internet in the dive center: We offer Wi-Fi in our dive center in case you have to send an email or check your inbox. Check out our video to see what our dive center looks like.
Family: For families who have booked their holidays here for the very first time, we offer a children's dive certificate, the VDTL-Pirate diving certificate from the age of 8. After three completed hours in our pool, the children receive a bronze certificate, followed by silver and gold certificates. 
Link: Here is an aerial view of the hotels and beaches. Amongst others, you can also see the Costa Calma Sunrise Beach Resort.

Diving Courses

We would also like to congratulate our newest divers. Congratulations! You guys were great! Keep on diving and don't be shy to educated and train yourselves. We're looking forward to seeing you again! Simona and Kay-Uwe. 

spring 2018

Wheels Point
artificial reef

Water temperatures of 18 degrees Celsius at all depths!
As always, time flies. The seasons change. You also notice that under water. The inhabitants are getting older, bigger, fatter, and more trusting. And sometimes they leave for a bit too. We had a big stingray at WP for about 10 days. I already wrote about the site being popular and that we're trying to expand it further. The stingray ate all the octopuses, seeking protection in the tires! How mean is that?!